Why Solar In AZ?

Why solar in AZ?

Living in Arizona, it is hard not to see how much potential solar electricity has. It is sunny about 85% of the time in the Phoenix area, and some parts of the state are even sunnier. This creates an environment where solar production is about as optimal as any other place on earth. We in Arizona actually get about 70% – 80% more power from solar PV systems than they do in Germany (the world’s biggest solar market), according to the Arizona Solar Center.

Why now?

The total cost to install a solar electric system has declined slowly over the last several years while the incentives have increased. This makes now an excellent time to invest in solar electricity, as solar provides a solid, reliable return on your invested capital.

The return on investment is so solid and customer response has been so strong that utility companies are reducing their rebates or running out of money to fund rebates. By acting now, you can take advantage of current utility rebates before they dry up or are reduced. These rebates could be reduced or even discontinued with little or no notice, potentially increasing the cost of solar electricity by thousands of dollars. You can also take advantage of generous Federal (30%) and State ($1,000) tax credits. We would love to show you how beneficial it would be for you to produce your own electricity.