How to design a solar carport

There are many factors to consider when designing a solar carport, but here are 3 primary factors to evaluate: How much space do you have?  How many parking spaces do you want to cover? How much electricity do you want to produce?  Do you want to offset a specific portion of your electric bill or is […]

30kW Solar Carport Completed in Chandler, Arizona

Several weeks ago we posted pictures of a 30kW Solar Carport that was under construction, and today are following that post up with pictures of the completed solar carport.  As is typical with solar carports designed and built by Royal Solar of Arizona, we have mounted the solar panels on a steel framework that will […]

Solar Powered Covered Parking

Are you looking for solar parking? We help customers integrate solar electric systems, complete with solar panels and inverters, into covered parking structures. By doing so, we can both keep the cars in your parking lot cool and help you save money on your electric bills. Check out pictures of solar parking structures we have […]