Arizona Solar Carport Report: 5 Year Performance Review – Backlund CPA Solar Installation

September 2016 will mark the 5 year anniversary of Royal Solar’s covered parking solar installation for Brett V Backlund CPA PC in Gilbert, AZ. Let’s take a look at the solar system’s production. The solar carport installation consists of (60) Sharp 235 watt solar panels and (60) Enphase Energy M250 micro inverters.  The resulting system is a 14.10 kWp-DC solar system installed over 6 parking spaces at the […]

Solar Electric Carport 5 Year Performance Review: Aero-Zone Mesa

June 9, 2010 marked the commissioning of Royal Solar’s second solar covered parking structure – the Aero-Zone Inc. “Smart Carport” installation in Mesa, AZ. Now that the solar carport system has been running for 5 years, let’s take a look at the solar system’s production. The Aero-Zone Inc. Smart Carport consists of (94) Sharp 235 watt solar panels and (94) […]

Expanding an existing solar carport

How do you expand an existing solar installation?  Simply put, you just hook up more solar panels! In the real world, however, there may be challenges to address when considering a system expansion.  Both rooftop solar installations and solar carport installations have the same typical challenges. The 3 primary components to consider when expanding an existing […]

How to design a solar carport

There are many factors to consider when designing a solar carport, but here are 3 primary factors to evaluate: How much space do you have?  How many parking spaces do you want to cover? How much electricity do you want to produce?  Do you want to offset a specific portion of your electric bill or is […]

Solar Electric Carport 5 Year Performance Review: Kovach Inc

May 25, 2010 marked the commissioning of Royal Solar’s first solar covered parking structure – the Kovach Inc. “Smart Carport” installation. Now that the solar carport system has been running for 5 years, let’s take a look at the solar system’s production. The Kovach Inc. Smart Carport consists of (90) Sharp 230 watt solar panels and (90) […]

How much electricity do solar carports make?

We at Royal Solar of Arizona receive many questions about solar electricity, with our solar carports typically generating the most interest. One common question we receive: “How much electricity do solar carports make?” There are several ways to answer this question, but let me clarify a couple points then offer some simple methods of calculation for solar carports […]

APS battles rooftop solar

Recently there has been a fair amount of news about Arizona Public Service’s proposal to change rooftop solar for residential customers in APS territory.  APS has proposed to change how solar production is valued when produced by a homeowner’s system, and the most aggressive proposal would reduce the value by as much as 75%. Why […]

ASU Men’s Gymnastics title-winning team with Royal Solar system!

Royal Solar of Arizona recently installed a solar electric system for Aspire Kids Sports Center, the gym where ASU Mens Gymnastics trains. And just this weekend, ASU Mens Gymnastics won its 16th National USAG Collegiate Team title! To help celebrate, Royal Solar would like to share some pictures of the ASU Mens Gymnastics team and […]

Do Solar Panels Produce More Electricity In Cold or Hot Weather?

Do solar panels produce more electricity in cold weather or hot weather? You could consider this a trick question.  Photovoltaic solar systems operate most efficiently in cold weather, but the longer sunny days associated with hot weather generally produce more kWh per average day.  So although your solar panels may work “better” on cold winter […]

Is Your Solar System Working?

Once you install a solar system on your property, good things tend to start happening.  Your electric bills are lower.  Your home might feel cooler in the summer.  You probably feel good knowing where your electricity is coming from.  I know I do. But several months or even several years down the road, how do […]