Solar Carport Installation: 1 Year Performance Review – Marten Transport

October 2015 marked the 1 year anniversary of Royal Solar’s covered parking solar installation for Marten Transport in Phoenix, AZ. Let’s take a look at the solar system’s production. The Marten Transport carport solar installation consists of (600) LG 275 watt solar panels and (600) Enphase Energy M215 micro inverters.  The resulting system is a 165 kWp-DC solar system installed over 60 parking spaces at […]

Solar Electric Carport 3 Year Performance Review: Aero-Zone Chandler

November 8, 2015 marks the 3 year operational anniversary of Royal Solar’s “Smart Carport” installation for Aero-Zone Inc. in Chandler, AZ. Now that the solar carport system has been running for 3 years, let’s take a look at the solar system’s production. The Aero-Zone Inc. Smart Carport consists of (120) LG 260 watt solar panels and (120) Enphase Energy M215 micro […]

Rooftop Solar Installation: 4 Year Performance Review – Phoenix Group Metals

September 21, 2015 marked the 4 year anniversary of Royal Solar’s rooftop solar installation for Phoenix Group Metals in Phoenix, AZ. Let’s take a look at the solar system’s production. The Phoenix Group Metals rooftop solar installation consists of (208) SolarWorld 240 watt solar panels and (208) Enphase Energy M215 micro inverters.  The resulting system is a 49.92 kWp-DC solar system installed on […]

Expanding an existing solar carport

How do you expand an existing solar installation?  Simply put, you just hook up more solar panels! In the real world, however, there may be challenges to address when considering a system expansion.  Both rooftop solar installations and solar carport installations have the same typical challenges. The 3 primary components to consider when expanding an existing […]

How to design a solar carport

There are many factors to consider when designing a solar carport, but here are 3 primary factors to evaluate: How much space do you have?  How many parking spaces do you want to cover? How much electricity do you want to produce?  Do you want to offset a specific portion of your electric bill or is […]

Is 2015 the year to go solar?

Is 2015 the year that your business should finally go solar?  A combination of federal and local incentives may make 2015 the biggest year in Arizona’s solar history. Major factors for a business to consider while evaluating a solar installation in 2015: 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – The single largest current incentive for […]

How much is covered parking worth in Arizona?

As a solar carport installer, Royal Solar of Arizona is constantly trying to estimate the value of covered parking to a our commercial customers.  Solar carports create obvious value through tax credits and solar electricity savings, but how much value should be assigned to the newly covered parking spaces themselves? Have you or your business […]

Covered Parking using Solar Carports in Phoenix, AZ

As another Arizona summer rolls around drivers throughout Phoenix wish they had covered parking at work.  Those who are able to park in shaded spots don’t take it for granted – it makes a world of difference to avoid leaving your car out in the hot sun all day! If you are considering adding covered parking to your […]

Will Solar Work For Your Business?

The ideal candidate for a commercial solar electric system from Royal Solar of Arizona has these characteristics: Owns a 5,000 to 50,000 square foot commercial building in Arizona with roof space for solar panels (or has parking available for solar carports) Is able to benefit from federal and state tax incentives associated with solar electricity […]