Solar Electric Carport 3 Year Performance Review: Aero-Zone Chandler

November 8, 2015 marks the 3 year operational anniversary of Royal Solar’s “Smart Carport” installation for Aero-Zone Inc. in Chandler, AZ.

Now that the solar carport system has been running for 3 years, let’s take a look at the solar system’s production.

The Aero-Zone Inc. Smart Carport consists of (120) LG 260 watt solar panels and (120) Enphase Energy M215 micro inverters.  The resulting system is a 31.20 kWp-DC solar system installed on top of a custom steel carport structure in Mesa, Arizona.

The solar system was originally projected to produce 52,800 kWh in Year 1, with 0.5% degradation per year in expected kWh production.

Per the Enphase Energy monitoring system Enlighten, Royal Solar is able to remotely monitor and verify the solar system’s daily, weekly, monthly , and annual production on a per-panel basis.

As we approach the solar system’s 3 year anniversary, lifetime production is reported as 159 MWh compared to the expected 153 MWh (1 MWh = 1,000 kWh).  This translates to 104% actual kWh production vs. expected over the first 3 years of system operation.

Below are a couple pictures of the solar installation to help visualize the project.

Solar Carport in Chandler, AZ by Royal Solar

Solar Carport in Chandler, AZ by Royal Solar

Solar Carport in Chandler, AZ by Royal Solar

Royal Solar of Arizona is a solar covered parking design and install company headquartered in Mesa, Arizona.  Royal Solar’s product The Smart Carport is a turnkey solar product designed to provide covered parking while paying for itself with the resulting solar electric incentives and savings.

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