How to design a solar carport

There are many factors to consider when designing a solar carport, but here are 3 primary factors to evaluate:

  1. How much space do you have?  How many parking spaces do you want to cover?
  2. How much electricity do you want to produce?  Do you want to offset a specific portion of your electric bill or is there a certain utility program you need to keep in mind?  What is the value of this electricity?
  3. How do you want to finance the project?  Do you want to retain ownership of the solar carport project and claim the tax benefits?

Once you have considered these 3 primary factors, you can move on to more technical details:

  • What solar panels are the best fit for your solar carport project?  Do you want the cheapest possible option or do you want a more expensive solar panel that may produce more electricity per covered parking space?
  • What solar inverters are the best fit?  Do you need to avoid a large central inverter that may produce noise or require ground space?  Do you want to use micro inverters to maximize production or mitigate shade issues?
  • Where are you interconnecting the solar system?  Are there existing equipment limitations that dictate how large of a solar carport you can install?  Is the electrical home run going to be a challenge based on the location of the solar carports?
  • How do you want to build the solar carports?  Are there architectural needs that must be met?  Do you prefer heavy steel I-beams for appearance or strength, or do you prefer a cheaper structure if appearance is not a factor?

These are all factors considered by Royal Solar of Arizona when designing a customer’s solar carport solution.

Do you want to know if solar carports make sense at your Arizona property?  Request a free solar carport analysis online from Royal Solar of Arizona.

Solar Carport in Chandler, AZ by Royal Solar

Solar Carport in Chandler, AZ by Royal Solar

Royal Solar of Arizona is a solar electric carport developer and installer based in Mesa, AZ.  Royal Solar of Arizona has been building solar carports since 2010, when we designed The Smart Carport.

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