How much electricity do solar carports make?

We at Royal Solar of Arizona receive many questions about solar electricity, with our solar carports typically generating the most interest.

One common question we receive: “How much electricity do solar carports make?

There are several ways to answer this question, but let me clarify a couple points then offer some simple methods of calculation for solar carports installed by Royal Solar.

  1. It depends what type of equipment you use. Obvious I know, but more efficient panels and inverters make a significant impact on how much electricity you can generate per square foot or parking space of solar carports installed.  20% more efficient panels might require a price premium but they may not require additional solar carports to be installed to meet your production goals.  The price per watt, and especially price per kWh produced, of a completed system can actually be lower with highly efficient solar panels, even if they are not the cheapest option.
  2. It depends on the tilt and orientation of the solar carport.  Any solar system’s performance is dependent on the amount of light hitting the solar panels, especially when installed with crystalline solar panels (which we use at Royal Solar).  A south-facing carport will produce more electricity over the course of a year than an east or west-facing carport – although a west-facing carport may produce more electricity when electric rates are highest in the  hot Arizona summer afternoons!

So with these points made, what’s the answer?  How much electricity will a solar carport installed by Royal Solar make?

  • A typical solar carport installed by Royal Solar will make anywhere from 1,600 to 1,800 kWh per kW
  • Royal Solar’s solar electric carports typically produce 4,750 kWh per parking space covered on an annual basis

Of course, these figures vary slightly for almost every project we complete.

When Royal Solar produces a solar carport proposal, we clearly identify our recommended solar electric equipment and the expected solar electric production from the solar system.  We compare this to your site’s past electric usage (if available) to show you how much of your electric usage (kWh) will be offset by the solar system.

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