Marten Transport in Phoenix, AZ Goes Solar!

Royal Solar of Arizona is proud to announce that we have been able to help Marten Transport in Phoenix, AZ toward their renewable energy goals by installing a 165 kW solar electric system on a new solar electric carport.  This system is comprised of LG 275 watt solar panels with Enphase Energy microinverters.

The new solar carport utilizes solar panels to create shaded parking and generate solar electricity.

Founded in 1946, Marten Transport has reached its high level of success by focusing on providing outstanding customer service and employing exceptional professionals. Marten Transport, Ltd. is a premier supplier of time and temperature sensitive transportation services.

We are very happy to have been able to work with the ownership and management of this forward-thinking organization.  The clean solar energy will be used to offset the facility’s on-site electricity usage, and will reduce their electric bills significantly.

Here are some statistics about the new solar system:

  • System Size: 165.00 kW-DC
  • Number of solar panels: 600
  • Number of covered parking spaces: 60
  • Projected annual electricity production: 267,465 kWh
  • System is expected to offset 12,800,000 Lbs of Carbon during its lifetime, which is equivalent to planting 132,192 trees and allowing them to grow for 10 years.

If you would like to see how Royal Solar of Arizona can help your business reach your renewable energy goals and take advantage of both utility rebates and government incentives, call today at (800) 228-5809.

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