Solar Carport Completed: Phoenix, AZ

Royal Solar of Arizona has completed another solar electric carport project in Phoenix, Arizona.  Below you can find some pictures of the recently installed project.

The solar carport covers 60 parking spaces and incorporates 600 solar panels to provide the shaded parking.  The solar production will be used to offset the electricity usage of the adjacent commercial facility.

We will be providing additional information and pictures of this project in the near future.  To request a solar carport proposal for your commercial property, call us today at 480-926-2300.

17-Royal Solar Panel Carport - WEB SIZE-17

15-Royal Solar Panel Carport - WEB SIZE-15

12-Royal Solar Panel Carport - WEB SIZE-12

06-Royal Solar Panel Carport - WEB SIZE-6



  1. Beth Parent says

    Wow, you guys finished that just in time – before the floods. Looks great! I’m impressed.

  2. Stephanie Anderson says

    How about solar stables? I have a large stable that has concrete and steel beams that basically looks like covered parking. Have you done that?

  3. Stephanie, solar stables are a great idea! We haven’t done any yet but it is very possible that the solar racking could be attached to the steel beams. If you have any projects in Arizona we’d be happy to take a look!

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