Will Solar Work For Your Business?

The ideal candidate for a commercial solar electric system from Royal Solar of Arizona has these characteristics:

  1. Owns a 5,000 to 50,000 square foot commercial building in Arizona with roof space for solar panels (or has parking available for solar carports)
  2. Is able to benefit from federal and state tax incentives associated with solar electricity

Is that you?

If so, you should call Royal Solar today at (480) 926-2300 to see what opportunities are available.

Are you not sure?

We have provided hundreds of phone and in person consultations to help business people decide if they are a candidate for a solar electric system, and would be happy to answer your questions.

Not sure about your ability to benefit from tax incentives?

Royal Solar of Arizona is happy to provide free information to help you and your tax professional determine if you are eligible to benefit from the tax incentives available from solar electricity.

Want some more information?

Feel free to browse our website or check out our What will solar do for my business? online slideshow.

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