Is Your Solar System Working?

Once you install a solar system on your property, good things tend to start happening.  Your electric bills are lower.  Your home might feel cooler in the summer.  You probably feel good knowing where your electricity is coming from.  I know I do.

But several months or even several years down the road, how do you know that your solar system is still working?

You need to be able to monitor your solar system!  And good news Royal Solar customers: we are actively monitoring your solar system for you.

Many of Royal Solar’s installations use Enphase Energy micro inverters.  These devices report production data daily over the internet, allowing the systems to be monitored remotely.  Twice each year, Royal Solar’s team checks all of our solar systems to verify that they appear to be operating correctly.

The only requirement: you need to have the system’s monitoring unit (the Envoy or EMU) set up with internet access.  If it is reporting production, Royal Solar is monitoring your solar system for you!

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