30kW Solar Carport Completed in Chandler, Arizona

Several weeks ago we posted pictures of a 30kW Solar Carport that was under construction, and today are following that post up with pictures of the completed solar carport.  As is typical with solar carports designed and built by Royal Solar of Arizona, we have mounted the solar panels on a steel framework that will allow the solar panels to shade the vehicles below.  A solar carport is a great way for a business to provide shaded/covered parking for both employees and clients while reducing the business’s monthly electric bills.

To learn more about the benefits solar electricity can offer your business, check out our brief What will solar do for my business? slideshow.


  1. Nenad Severin says


    Can anyone send me the blueprint of solar carport for 4-5 cars, 10kWp power? I would really appreciate.

    Many thanks, Nenad

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