McClendon’s Select Organic Farm in Peoria, AZ Goes Solar!

Royal Solar of Arizona is proud to announce that we have been able to help McClendon’s Select (an organic farm in Peoria, Arizona) toward their renewable energy goals by installing a 49.92 kW solar electric system on their commercial building.  This system is comprised of 208 Sharp 240 watt solar panels and 208 Enphase Energy M215 micro inverters.

We are very happy to have been able to work with another great local farm.  McClendon’s Select describes themselves on their blog as “organic produce, grown only with nature’s help”.  If you are interested in their high-quality products, I recommend visiting McClendon’s Select website or visit their McClendon’s Select blog for great organic farming information.

Here are some statistics about the new solar system:

  • System Size: 49.92 kW-DC
  • Number of solar panels: 208
  • Projected annual electricity production: 86,200 kWh
  • Estimated annual electricity savings: $8,500 – $9,000
  • System is expected to offset 4,126,124 Lbs of Carbon during its lifetime, which is equivalent to planting 42,609 trees or savings 211,843 gallons of gas

If you would like to see how Royal Solar of Arizona can help your business reach your renewable energy goals and take advantage of both utility rebates and government incentives, call us today at (800) 228-5809.

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