Residential Solar Testimonial from Show Low, Arizona

At Royal Solar of Arizona, we enjoy building relationships with our customers.  Here is a recent email sent from a residential solar electric customer, who we installed a 7.99 kW solar electric system for in in Show Low, Arizona.  We are pleased to hear that our customer is enjoying their solar system and taking additional steps to live a “green” life, including driving an all-electric car that is charged at home by their solar electric system.

Hi Chuck,
Just to let you know that our system has performed flawlessly.  We are now over 13 mWh and it looks like we should make somewhere around 15 by the time our first year is up on June 2nd.  Please feel free to continue to use us as reference.
Incidentally, we now have our all electric LEAF car and are charging it off the system.  It really feels good to know that 90% of our driving will be with “free” fuel.  Another use of the system’s current is running the battery chargers I’ve had to put on our gas driven vehicles.  It is cheaper for me to drive into town, fill up gasoline containers and come back to the house and fill their tanks, than it is to drive the internal combustion vehicles to the gas station just for a fill up.

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