Testimonial Letter From Solar Carport Customer in Mesa, Arizona

Below is a letter from the President of Aero-Zone Inc., who is very pleased with the solar panel covered parking structures Royal Solar of Arizona installed at his company’s headquarters in Mesa, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona).  The project consisted of 2 covered parking structures with (94) Sharp USA 230 watt solar panels installed on top.  Salt River Project (SRP) is the utility company serving this area.


Dear Chuck,

I wanted to report back and let you know that the solar panels that Royal Solar installed for us have outdone our expectations and have also outdone your conservative projections (as you guessed they would!).  Since last summer, when Royal Solar installed a twin-carport for us with a 21.620 kW solar panel system to act as the shade, we have cut our electricity bill in half, and we’ve already recovered over 60% of our initial investment.  Since we already wanted the carport for the shade, this alternate solution of solar panels actually saved us money in the long run, over just installing the carport.  Not to mention, as a local company in our community it feels great to be able to reduce our overall carbon footprint and we get many compliments from passers-by too.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the making the installation seamless, for everyone’s professionalism related to this job, and for your team’s overall attention to detail.  It was a pleasure working with everyone and I hope to work with you again in the near future.

With kind regards,

Alfredo Dreyfus, Jr.

1841 South Horne
Mesa, Arizona 85204 


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