What Solar Rebates Are Available In Arizona?

Over the past several months the solar electric rebate landscape has changed dramatically.  Both residential and commercial solar rebates have changed throughout the state of Arizona.  However, there are still generous rebates available.

Right now, one of these attractive solar rebate programs is the commercial Performance Based Incentive (PBI) solar rebate program being offered by SRP.  This particular solar rebate program is great for customers whose electric bills range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.  Here are some highlights of how the program works:

  • Solar rebate is based on performance of the solar electric system
  • Set cash value per kWh produced
  • Paid by SRP for 20 years
  • Can be applied as credit to electric bill or requested as a check

A solar electric system designed to qualify for this solar rebate program will also typically have the following characteristics:

  • Simple payback sometimes as fast as 5 years
  • Eligible for generous federal and state tax credits
  • Solar electric savings for 25+ years
  • Attractive to investors who can help reduce upfront cost

If you are interested in solar electricity, call us today to see how we can help you!  Royal Solar of Arizona can help you determine your rebate and tax credit eligibility, as well as design a system optimized for you.  Don’t wait and miss the opportunity to qualify for these rebates.

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