Aero-Zone Inc. in Mesa, Arizona Adds Solar Carports!

Royal Solar of Arizona is proud to announce that we have helped Aero-Zone Inc. of Mesa, Arizona increase their on-site solar production.  Royal Solar of Arizona recently completed two commercial steel Solar Carport structures in Mesa, Arizona. The carports provide solar electricity through (94) Sharp 230 watt solar panels powered by (94) Enphase Energy micro inverters. Several feet of standard carport decking was also used on one of the structures to help position the panels where they would be less affected by potential shading from a nearby tree.

These solar carports are expected to produce over 38,000 kWh of electricity per year while providing shade for the company parking lot. This electric production should equal approximately $4,000 of utility bill savings in the first year, and the production should total over $200,000 worth of electricity over the life of the system.

Aero-Zone Inc. already had a solar electric system on their roof, and these Solar Carports allowed them to expand their solar production by over 40%.

In the Arizona summers, shade for parking is invaluable, and Royal Solar of Arizona’s Solar Carports are an excellent way to responsibly provide electricity-producing shade.

Below are some pictures, and please click over to our Commercial Carport Gallery for more pictures.

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  1. G. koehnemann says

    Super idea: a Royal Solar dual carport! Never thought a carport would be able to “triple task”! 1. It protects cars from sun. 2. Installed Solar panels uses the sun to make clean energy. 3. Helps owner pay much less for electricity!

  2. Bob Rees says

    Would the panels shown, be more affective with more airspace umder them?

  3. Bob, there is actually nothing but racking underneath these panels, so the air is free to flow under them.

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