Kovach Inc. in Chandler, Arizona Adds Solar Carports!

We recently completed a custom commercial steel Solar Carport in Chandler, Arizona. The carport looks great, especially with the beautiful building in the background. This solar carport will generate thousands of dollars of solar electricity per year for the business, while providing shade for their clients to park under. In the Arizona summers, shade for parking is invaluable, and Royal Solar of Arizona’s “The Solar Carport” is an excellent way to responsibly provide environmentally-friendly shade.

Below are some pictures, and please click over to our Commercial Carport Gallery for more pictures.

Also, to see how solar can benefit your business, call us or request a Free Analysis today!


  1. Carports have a lot of roof real estate and putting some solar panels on the roof can really help out your electric bill in the long run, or at the very least, it can charge the contents inside.

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